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June 03 2011

May 24 2011

May 01 2011

April 27 2011

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Ha!  nice.
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April 25 2011

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April 14 2011

April 13 2011

April 10 2011

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「ジャップロックサンプラー-戦後、日本人がどのようにして独自の音楽を模索してきたか-」 ジュリアン・コープ 白夜書房 読了。

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April 05 2011

April 03 2011

March 27 2011

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YouTube - Tagesschau vom 27.03.2011 - 12 Uhr zu Fukushima

March 11 2011

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February 03 2011

Die Einsamkeit der Drehstühle

January 28 2011

December 13 2010

You see these in a lot of Japanese gardens, often used as garden walls. I have no idea what they are called! (let me know if you do)

You can download it as a mobile phone background here.

Credit: www.marklobo.com.au

Shared under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons license.
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December 08 2010

November 16 2010

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Ubuntu Magazine Japan
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November 04 2010

The Japanese embassy has a 24-hour hotline for those suffering from severe culture shock.
‘Paris Syndrome’ strikes Japanese
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Information Please
The Information kiosk at the Tokyo International Forum. The building itself is amazing so I had to selectively focus on the kiosk to make it stand out from the rest of the building.
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